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Web Development

We are offering custom Website Development. Check out: smokeysmuskieshop.com to see a sample of what we are doing!





New product Line Introduction!

Art Concepts by Dave Olson...look for a new website at TheArtOfYourPassion.com soon!





Sponsor Appreciation Special

Free design on any 8 1/2 x 11 Custom Sponsor Appreciation Blends through the end of July (See Photo Products Page)






NEW for 2011


Art Concepts


Painted on Canvas


Available in sizes from 13"x17"


9 feet!


Call or email

Dave or Lisa

for Details



Sponsor Appreciation Concept Photos

A Great Way To Thank Your Race Team and SPONSORS!

Wrap up your race season with a custom designed, sponsor appreciation photo. A great way to thank everyone who helped you during your 2010 race season. Designs are only $40 plus the cost of the prints.

Some of our 2010 customer design samples






Custom look and functionality for big and small sites alike

Just what we need, another website designer right? I know all of you creative types who do your own website design in your spare time are thinkin, "I can do that myself'. Yes you can, and I have seen some pretty cool lookin' sites!.


Now if you want to seperate yourself from your competitors, want to give your new race team sponsors something awesome to look at, want a site thats matches your rock bands personality or just want to use your spare time for funner things instead of staring at your computer screen, give us a call or email!


Check out this site we just finished: www.smokeysmuskieshop.com